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Costs during labour market training


If you are a Swedish jobseeker, approved for a labour market course and studying with us you receive:

  • Paid education
  • Activity support every month
  • A paid trip home every month
  • Accommodation during your studies (an expense allowance that fully or partly covers separation (double accommodation) costs)
  • Paid trips if you live near Övertorneå and are able to commute
  • Before your studies you may also make a free study visit.
  • Your trip is paid for, and if necessary your overnight stay during your study visit.

You find more information under “Study visit” in the menu on the left.


If you are a Finnish jobseeker, participating in labour market training and studying with us, you receive:

  • Daily benefit based on your income or labour market subsidy
  • 16.82 € per day for food
    - Paid out for five or seven days per week.
  • Paid accommodation in single rooms if the trip is longer than 70 km one-way
  • Possibility of family accommodation, although family members pay their own rent

Do you want more information about how it works?
Contact the Jobline (Utbildningsrådgivningen) in Finland.

Telephone: 0295 020 702, open Mondays to Fridays, 9-17
E-mail: utbildningsradgivning[a]te-byran[.]fi


If you are a Norwegian jobseeker, participating in a labour market programme and studying with us you can receive:

  • Maintenance support (basic compensation and child supplement)
  • Grant for extra travel (supplementary support)
  • Paid daily trips
  • Supervision supplement
  • Separation (double accommodation)
  • Funded trips home
  • Paid educational material
  • Paid healthcare costs

Any child allowance is not affected by your right to an allowance. It is your unique situation that decides what support you receive.
Contact the Arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningen (NAV) for more information.

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