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General course info 

The education is adapted to you.

Our work methods:

  • Independent study with instructor support
  • Many practical exercises - learning by doing
  • Group work
  • Work placement

Work placement

When you study with us you do work placement at a company suited to your course. Work placement lasts 4-9 weeks. At the company you are able to use what you have learned at school. Work placement increases your chances to find a job. It is therefore a good idea to do work placement in your home community.

Close cooperation with business

To us it is important that our courses lead to employment. Our instructors and managers therefore meet people from working life. We meet companies, trade unions and the Public Employment Services in Norway, Finland and Sweden. When we meet them we learn what requirements they have of their employees. We also learn how the future job situation looks. In that way we know how to improve our courses so that our students more easily find work.


We teach in Swedish and Finnish, and to some extent also Norwegian and English.
Books and study materials are available in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and in some vocations, partly English. For example the books for our IT courses and automation engineering courses are in English.

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