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Utbildning Nord
the key to the Nordic labour market

At Utbildning Nord, The Arctic Vocational Foundation, about 500 Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish students meet every year. We offer about 30 different vocational courses adapted to the demands of all three countries.


The breadth in both nationalities and types of education creates a quite special atmosphere, making us a large creative Nordic meeting place. The study environment is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Hopefully your time here will be more than a memory of a lifetime – it will also be a big step in your life.

We in Övertorneå warmly welcome you.

Here you can find English-language information in brief about Utbildning Nord. We have selected the information we feel is most important to you.

You find our telephone number under Contact.

In the menu you will find information about:

  •          What educational courses we offer
  •          How we study at Utbildning Nord
  •          How admissions to the school take place
  •        Costs and the types of economic assistance you can receive.

If you want to learn even more, there is information on the website in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian.

If you have questions you can also call us.

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