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Types of educational courses

Utbildning Nord offers a wide range of educational programmes and courses. We operate a queue system to our vocational courses. That means you are given a place as soon as one is available. We take in new students about once a month.

Utbildning Nord has these types of courses:

  • Vocational courses
  • Upper secondary school courses
  • Company programmes and courses 

Vocational courses 

Our vocational courses are designed for you who are seeking work and are registered at:

  • The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) in Sweden
  • The Employment and Economic Development Administration (Arbets- och näringsbyrån) in Finland
  • The Labour and Welfare Administration (Arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningen) in Norway

It is they who decide whether or not you can take part in vocational training.

Those attending our school are from Sweden, Finland and Norway. Your course complies with the regulations and language of you home country. If you are from Norway, however, your training is often in Swedish.Through our vocational courses you can “get your foot in the door” of the labour market and therefore more easily find a job.

Upper secondary school courses

Övertorneå Municipality has decided that Utbildning Nord may run some of the vocational courses for the upper secondary school. With us you work as an upper secondary student alongside the other students. You are with us 2-3 days a week.Since we are a highly practically-oriented school, you occasionally get the chance to “go live” in some situations.

Click here for information about Övertorneå Municipality upper secondary programmes.


Are you a business leader interested in training your personnel?
We can offer both short courses and longer programmes.

If you have educational needs, get in touch with our course managers.
You will find contact details under Contact. (in swedish)

Pay for your education

With us you can pay for your own education. This is suitable for you who for some reason are not entitled to funded education. At Utbildning Nord you have the chance to change tracks professionally or improve at your current job. 

Through our educational courses you increase your chances of eventually becoming employed. We cooperate closely with the labour market.We train you in real-life work. In that way you acquire the contacts and know-how you need to get a job. If you want to pay for an education, contact one of our course managers. 
You can find contact details in swedish here.

Our courses do not entitle you to a study grant.


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