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How do we work with internationalisation?


  • Overseas work placement for students
  • Work placement and exchanges for employees
  • Study trips – above all to Finland, Norway, Sweden – by both students and employees
  • Preparatory visits
  • Contact seminars
  • International conferences and seminars

The Nordic and international developments that we have participated in or are participating in have been part-funded by the EU through the following programmes:

  • Leonardo da Vinci partnership
  • Leonardo da Vinci continued development projects
  • Nordplus Adult
  • Nordplus Horizontal
  • Kolarctic ENPI
  • Interreg Nord
  • Northern Periphery
  • Erasmus +

Here you can read an example of student exchange. A restaurant student had the opportunity to do an internship in Malta in 2018. Read the article here>>


We also continually receive individuals and groups from other EU Member States and the rest of the world within the framework of different cooperation projects.

Exchange student from Cork in Irland.

Photo: Valdas Balkunas (from the left), Elle Frances Gray, Dean Peters and Damian Górnik are all exchange students at Utbildning Nord. Gray and Górnik are studying computing, Balkanus and Peters vehicle mechanics.

Here you can read about a visit from Cork in Ireland in March 2019. Read the article here>> 

Other examples of activities in which we participate:

  • Meetings, seminars and similar in the region
  • Meetings arranged by the International Programme Office
  • Information meetings about different EU programmes

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