For applicants for labour market training from Sweden

The Employment Office where you live helps you prepare your expression of interest through:

  • Referral documents
  • Personal letter, list of qualifications and certificates
  • Action plan with:
    - Design of the educational course
    - Acceptance by you of the requirements set for a vocational course
    - What you should do to find work after the course

In the referral you should explain why the labour market needs you and how you can contribute to meet needs.

Send in the expression of interest to:

Arbetsförmedlingen Övertorneå
Box 65
957 22 Övertorneå.

The Employment Office in Övertorneå will notify you when a place is available.
The Employment Office where you live prepares the referral.
The Employment Office in Övertorneå approves the referral.

Contacts at the Employment Office in Övertorneå are:

Anneli Rantakeisu-Solomon
Telephone number: 010-486 88 12

Eva Sturk
Telephone number: 010-486 93 22

Email to them: nord[a]arbetsformedlingen[.]se

Start your own business

Do you want to start your own business after your vocational education?
In that case you must take a start-up course before you start the education.

In the start-up course you will have been through an examination, participated in preparations and drawn up an action plan. All this is to be documented.

For other applicants

If you want to pay for your education, contact one of the course managers.

You will find their telephone numbers here.



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