For applicants for labour market training from Finland

In Finland it is Arbets- och näringsförvaltningen (the Employment and Economic Development Administration (TE-palvelut) that decides whether you can study with us. The requirements are different depending on the course.

If you want to study at Utbildning Nord, contact Arbets- och näringsförvaltningen in Finland.
You either fill in an application form on the website: TE-palvelut.
Or visit the Employment Office where you live.

Available study places at Utbildning Nord

You will find our vocational courses on the Finnish Arbets- och näringsförvaltningen website
under labour market training. Search for "Nord" or "Nordkalotten" (Arctic Scandinavia) to find your way. You will also find our courses by searching on the occupation you are interested in.

From the link below you come straight to the available courses at Utbildning Nord that you can apply to.

Currently available study places at Utbildning Nord

Start your own business – Enterprise Finland

If you want to start your own business after completing labour market training, contact Enterprise Finland (Företags Finland, Yritys Suomi).
They offer useful help to those wanting to start a business.
You can call them, mail them or visit their offices.

Telephone: +358 295 020 501
Mondays to Thursdays: 8.00–17.00
Fridays: 10.00–17.00
(Telephone times are Finnish time)

They also have a website on which you can read more:

For other applicants

If you want to pay for an education contact one of the course managers.

You will find their telephone numbers here.

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